The Power of Collective Investment

The Power of Collective Investment

How many times have I sat there and read the headlines of a small companies’ meteoric rise to the Big League by becoming a Unicorn business (start-up company with a value of over $1 Billion). Yes, just like you, I have watched their name banded around in the last few years. I saw their brand in fleeting marketing campaigns, and watched as they got more and more interest and support, soon becoming the talk on everyone’s lips.

But most importantly, and most memorable was the distinct feeling of regret, envy and even anger at having missed out on a golden opportunity. I could have also capitalised on a young business that gave their founders and backers a huge payback for believing in their vision and product. The feeling is always hard to shake and always leaves me with a somewhat sick feeling in my stomach. Mainly regret, but also a complete sense of helplessness that I missed out.

I find myself asking the same rhetorical questions repeatedly:

  • How can I possibly take the little money I have and throw it behind a fledgling company?
  • These companies have a success rate of 1/20. What are the chances I guess right?
  • How can I accurately assess the risk involved?
  • And most importantly if it is not my field of expertise, then how do I begin to understand the technicalities and underlying problems that the venture could face?

Furthermore, with what little money I have invested, it will surely be tied up and illiquid in a venture for who knows how many years. What if I need that money in an instant should I urgently require it?

And then there is the usual barrier to entry from the massive minimum funding that is required for these start-up ventures.

If only I could make affordable monthly contributions towards start up-ventures like those I have missed out on. Or occasional lump sum investments when my pocket could afford it. What if I had a syndicate that I could pool my funds with, that would give us all the collective power of joint funding? What if the syndicate were like-minded people to me with a passion for entrepreneurship, and a burning desire to be involved in projects that could give us massive exponential returns? What if those same people came from varying fields of expertise and specialization, that could give us the type of group intelligence to successfully breakdown potential ventures to their base core, and make them as risk free as possible.

If this was at all possible, we could have a team of people that find true power in collective funding , collective intelligence and collective ownership. We could finally increase the likelihood of picking the next possible Unicorn out there. We could cut down the barriers to entry that exist in current venture capital investment. Finally, we could rub shoulders with the elitist bankers and VC companies and share in the exponential growth that was normally exclusively theirs.

Could I finally put my helpless, frustrated feelings of missing out firmly behind me? And could I finally enjoy the kind of returns that I keep hearing about, and only ever dreamed of.

Enter Invluencer Ltd. A company that has the intended goal of opening the world of start-up investment to all. With what their team is building, if you have some spare money to invest, or can only afford a monthly contribution, then Invluencer Ltd could be just the place for you.

Invluencer Ltd is already building a due diligence platform where companies are:

  • vetted by the members (outer swarm),
  • vetted by experts (inner swarm), and
  • further proofed by machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to reach consensus on potential start-up businesses.

The final component of their build to complete their vision is a platform to pool funds and then invest in the top start-up companies, as collectively agreed upon by the group.  This second platform will be a trading platform where the companies vetted by the group, can be packaged into a security token, the value of which is backed by the underlying equity of the companies in the chosen pool.

Finally, to create true intrinsic value, a debit card linked to your equity security token will give both investor and start up business owners the liquidity they long for, but which is normally void in venture capital. All protected by the transparency and tamper proof capability of Blockchain Technology.

I believe that finally we have a means to start clawing back the huge wealth disparity that exists between the elitist few, and an ever-growing list of disempowered frustrated start-up investors. And I get to sleep rest assured that I’m no longer missing out.

Join a team that believes in the power of collective investment (crowd funding), and the intelligence of the group (swarm intelligence) – Invluencer Ltd