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Predict the Future

Using Algorithms and Crowd Expertise to identify Successes of the Future


i3D Protocol

Earn tokens for Scoring Start-ups and for Building Trusted Networks

Secure encrypted Access to Start-Up Data from the Network and facilitation of Reputation

Downstream the Protocol will allow you to Invest in the Upsilon Fund for Capital Preservation and Passive Yields *

i3D Rapid & Arena

 i3D Rapid App is a short and quick sentiment analysis that keeps you actively in the network and keeps you informed about new ideas

i3D Arena is a deeper dive by experts into a company – based on Reputation

Simply scoring a company Earns you tokens

A Daily Check-in allows you to Passively Earn

3 Token Solution

i3D Token for due diligence acts as the payment mechanism for rewarding participants in the Network

Upsilon Token * will represent the counterparties pro-rata stake in the basket of alpha start-up investments made when identified by the network

i3D Angel NFT is an encryption mechanism that Controls Access to the data on the platform.

* The Upsilon Fund will allow for Capital Preservation through investment of principal funds into an approved yield generating Stablecoin Investment (much like a Savings Account). The principal sum + yield can be withdrawn at any stage. If your yields are invested into Early Start-ups identified by the i3D Protocol, this component is subject to High Risk and High Return.

By joining the i3D Protocol you join a likeminded Network of Experts looking to identify the successful Start-ups of the Future

  • The platform is a Marketplace where Founders, VC’s and Angel Investors can have companies/ideas vetted before developing or investing in them
  • Tap into your Existing Expertise and Monetize your Opinion about new ideas or start-up companies
  • Subsidize your income by Active Participation in your spare time or Passively by a simple daily check-in
  • Downstream have the opportunity to be the First to Invest in opportunities identified by the Network
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