i3D Protocol: Intelligent Distributed Due Diligence

The i3D Protocol harnesses decentralized crowd wisdom by tapping into the collective knowledge and insights of a diverse group of individuals to identify the best startups. By aggregating diverse perspectives and expertise through a process of consensus building and data analysis, this approach not only pinpoints promising investment opportunities but also fosters better outcomes for all participants by efficiently utilizing decentralized crowd intelligence


Building the Future with Decentralised Solutions and Crowd Intelligence

i3D Rapid

A vast Network conducts Sentiment Analysis on a Startup in the i3D Rapid App, Earning i3D Tokens

i3D Arena

Deep Dive by Experts scoring over 60 Factors for Startup Success

i3D Platform

Collation of Rapid and Arena for Triangulated Scoring with AI & Algorithms.  Reporting on Ranked Startup Opportunities for Investors Review

Smart Contract and Blockchain Technology for Efficiency and Reward

Smart Contracts provide a Trustless environment where all parties can interact and transact with confidence and transparency. Automatic and efficient enforcement of startup rankings and payment agreements on validated completion of analysis

Scoring & Earning

Users earn i3D Tokens for completing Scoring of Startups. Efficient Token Transfers to different levels within the Network of analysts

Buy Back & Burning

Deflationary tokenomics with revenue buy backs into Community Pool and burning from Treasury

Staking Rewards

To create Liquidity and Stability with a Transfer and Staking Rewards Program

i3D Protocol Use Cases for Strengthening the Startup Ecosystem

Startup Identification - Startup Scoring - Startup Ranking for Top Opportunities - Startup Marketing for User Adoption - Collective Investment Opportunities