Invest in Everything with Crowd Intelligence and Swarm VC

Take your Startup to the Next Level

Too many ideas and too little funding! Too little data and high risk!

Now there is a way to get funding and invest in everything with Crowd Intelligence and Swarm VC

Founders and Investors

Upload Start-ups

Select an i3D Level of Analysis which includes i3D$ Tokens

Experts register in i3D Rapid or i3D Arena

Swarm VC kicks in with everyone receiving a pro-rata share of i3D$ Tokens reflecting their contribution in the i3D Protocol


Levels of Analysis and Products

All include i3D$ Tokens

Analysis work is completed with Crowd Intelligence

Paid in i3D$ Tokens

Holding i3D$ Tokens is ownership in every Start-up

Crowd Intelligence

i3D Rapid’s Greater Swarm Sentiment Analysis

i3D Arena’s Inner Swarm Deep Dive Analysis


Collective Intelligence and Ownership of Everything by holding i3D$ Token

About i3D Protocol

Scoring & Ranking Start-ups by removing noise and bias from the decision making process

Building Trusted Networks

Access to Start-Up Data from the Network & facilitation of Reputation

Eliminate FOMO & Poor Decision Making


 i3D Rapid App Crowd Intelligence and Earning i3D$

i3D Arena Deep Dive and Data Access

Swarm VC for Collective Ownership

i3D Scout Program

Marketing and Growth of Startups

Collectively Owning Something of Everything

i3D$ Token

i3D$ Token for due diligence acts as the payment mechanism for rewarding Founders, Analysts, and Investors in the i3D Protocol

When you hold the i3D$ Token it represents your pro-rata stake in all the start-ups analysed and ranked

When you support the i3D Protocol and buy a Product or Service you automatically receive the i3D$ Token

i3D Scout Program

Share the i3D Protocol and turn your Networks & Audience into a source of Revenue

Receive Cash and i3D$ Tokens for every Product or Service you sell

Pay out in Cash or USDT

Three Easy Steps to Register