A Smart piece of Art: Trustless NFT’s

Building trust in the i3D Angel NFT’s

When choosing development partners for the i3D Protocol, one of our key criteria was an organization, that besides having a similar vision as ours, that also defined their product as innovative and “trustless’’ whereby we could rely on it for security within our protocol. The Nevermined product meets our criteria for the development of both our Reputation Management System and our Access Control NFT for our i3D Protocol.

Here’s what Aitor Argomaniz CTO Nevermined has to say:

“Nevermined has been created to offer its users the ability to build ecosystems where parties who otherwise would be disincentivized to trust one another, can now share and monetize their digital assets in a way that is efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving. The solution enables the construction of ecosystems to support multiple types of use cases based on these premises, sharing of assets and interaction between the different actors involved.”

“Part of the process in preparing the technology for usage in production environments involved working with the security audit firm Omniscia to evaluate the code of the Nevermined Smart Contracts.”

“The Smart Contracts are the core of the Nevermined platform as they permit the definition and execution of Data Sharing and Data In Situ Computation scenarios, the tokenization of assets via NFTsProvenance integrity, etc.”

This means that every time a holder uses their i3D Angel NFT to login to the i3D Protocol, their access is first validated by the Nevermined system through the smart contract.

This validation process will also be rolled out into the development of the Reputation Management System and scoring process of analysts in the i3D Protocol when they conduct Intelligent Due Diligence.

This makes our NFT more than just a Cool piece of Art — it’s also smart!

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