i3D Angel NFT for Access Control

The past year has seen an explosion of NFT projects, particularly in the world of digital art and rewards linked to gaming. While an NFT confers proof of ownership of a piece of art from the very talented digital artists out there (a JPEG copied off a website does not mean the same thing), it is the coding of the associated smart contract embedded within the NFT that turns it into a very versatile technological innovation.

In our i3D Protocol we are redefining how, and who, validates the future successful start-ups of tomorrow — we believe it is our community. The i3D Angel NFT forms an essential part of our Protocol for Due Diligence. Within the NFT, we have been able to utilize the smart contract to embed Access Control features to one side of our Data Marketplace, replacing the traditional subscription model of SaaS companies.

In our first public collection you receive a beautiful minting of an i3D Angel inspired by the concept of angel investing, consensus building and the revolution in decentralised blockchain and crypto technologies

Solving Problems in alpha VC

Predicting the success of early-stage start-ups is difficult due to the lack of data and the inflated costs of robust, affordable, and non-biased due diligence. Pre-screening thousands of opportunities is a time-intensive process for investors, incubators, accelerators, banks, and venture funds. By immediately removing the costs of middlemen, our i3D Protocol, which drives both sides of our Data Marketplace has several unique features of which the NFT is but one:

· i3D Arena (WebApp) allows anyone to register and conduct due diligence using our unique methodologies to score a start-up. Scores are algorithmically collated to achieve rapid consensus about a company

· i3D Rapid (Mobile App), using gamification principles, allows a fun and engaging way to validate ideas and solutions about the start-ups

i3D Angel NFT holders get access to the data and rankings of the opportunities scored with the Arena and Rapid App. Logging into the platform via the NFT grants the holder access to Proof of Data projects that are validated via the Nevermined.io protocol and stored on Filecoin, ensuring that data is tamper proof and genuine as at the time it was created within the locking up period of the assessment phase.

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The reputation of the analysts involved in creating the report are further validated via our integration with the reputation management system within the Nevermined Protocol. These analysts, who can sit on either side of the data marketplace, interact with the Protocol via the native i3D Token.

· Analysts are paid in the i3D Token which they also lock up while performing the work. Locked tokens are returned plus their new tokens when work is completed and validated

· Participants who use the i3D Rapid App to grow and validate the network receive reward tokens which they can use to get access to work. These are returned to the treasury (for new participants) and they are paid i3D Tokens for work completed

The i3D Token, together with the i3D Angel NFT, is the fuel for the engine of the full i3D Protocol. It is the foundation for the token floor price and allows participation in the protocol.

In addition to Access Control, the first minting’s of our utility NFTs not only give you an amazing piece of art, but redefine how funding is raised by immediately including community as i3D Token holders. This gives a start-up the option to have their communities sit side by side with the initial pre-sales or alpha VC token issuances. A further benefit of owning an i3D Angel is that it can be traded once it is minted and published to Opensea.io if the holder chooses to leave the Protocol. This transfers access to the new owner of the NFT.

Genesis NFT

Together with the utility based NFT, the design of the i3D Token creates an OPEN and REINFORCING feedback loop designed to maintain floor levels and add premium value to the i3D Protocol.

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