The Why
The Partners
The Team

Why the i3D Protocol

Problem: While a potentially exponential returns sector, early stage investing is by nature a high risk & poor data environment with low liquidity for founders and their investors. Early stage investors face significant challenges around access to high potential opportunities and at the same time affordable, robust, and non-biased Due Diligence. In most cases, investing in an early stage company means that founder and investor capital is tied up for many years until an exit is achieved.

Solution: A network of invested ‘experts’ contributing Crowd Due Diligence and being rewarded for their analyses through our 3 Token Solution & Tokenomics. Downstream, investors have the opportunity to invest in Network Vetted projects via the tokenization of Real World Asset

Our Partners & Team

Michael Doyle: Co Founder & CEO Invluencer

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Post Graduate Future Studies
  • Cross Sector Entreprenuer & former consultant on high end projects to UNDP & EU
  • Experienced developer of high end projects in multiple jurisdictions

Don Gossen: Blockchain & Crypto Strategy

  • Serial Entrepreneur with extensive experience incubating and scaling blockchain ventures
  • Founder & CEO  Nevermined – The world’s first decentralized collaborative computing platform
  • Founder & CEO Keyko – Web3 Innovation Hub
  • Founder Ocean Protocol – The world’s first decentralized data marketplace

Aitor Argomaniz: Technical Blockchain & Crypto Development

  • Deep Tech and Big Data expert with keen eye for talent and extensive track record of delivery
  • Founder & CTO  Nevermined – The world’s first decentralized collaborative computing platform
  • Founder & CTO Keyko – Web3 Innovation Hub

Paul Schreuder: Mobile App & Integration Strategy

  • Internationally experienced technologist
  • CEO Apstory, Custom Cross Platform Solutions Specialist

Dr Patrick Doyle: Co Founder & Development Advisor

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Founder of a regulatory software company with +105 enterprise clients and +35K active medical professionals as users

Trevor Harraway: Due Diligence Expert

  • ESG Management Consultant and Advisory Services
  • Invluencer Due Diligence Framework Developer

Badri Natarajan: Blockchain Legal

  • Advocate (India) and Solicitor (UK) specialising in international dispute resolution.
  • Advisor to cryptocurrency/blockchain companies on disputes and regulatory issues

Oswald Garlick: Technical Development Strategy

  • Network Engineering & Software Development
  • Co Founder of and Vanirtech – servicing the financial services crypto arbitrage industry