i3D Rapid and i3D Arena allows a large independent network to rapidly conduct deep dive due diligence on these companies.


  1. Download App > Create Account using a valid email address > use referral code from the person who invited you.
  2. Click Verification link in your email > you immediately get your 1000 i3Dr!
  3. Click EARN for daily rewards by just checking in!
  4. Click GROW to invite your network and earn at higher rate – it has your own referral code (username)
  5. Click START SCORING to review and earn more
  6. Check Welcome email for other offers including free upskilling courses
  7. Check in Daily



  • Use a valid email address
  • Enable Notifications
  • Check FAQs in App for all the details 


  • Fast Intelligent Due Diligence to identify the best Start-ups
  • Network Sentiment Analysis on Companies and their Teams
  • Build Trusted Networks for Data Integrity
  • Forms part of i3D Protocol’s 3-score methodology using machine learning to create our Forecasting Algorithms


  • Immediately EARN on download
  • 24 hour Earning for checking in and maintaining your Trust Network
  • EARN on scoring Start-ups
  • Whitelisted for listing and Upsilon Investment Fund
  • Note: All i3D$ earned is stored in a 3rd Party Ledger pending a drop to your Metamask Wallet

To Delete your Account please complete the following: