i3D Rapid - Crowd Intelligence at Scale

Let thousands of Users feedback rapidly and Sentiment Score your Startup. Bring attention to your Great Idea. Users are instantly rewarded with the i3D Token powered by Blockchain Technology. i3D Rapid forms part of the i3D Protocol triangulated Scoring and ranking of Startups


How to use i3D Rapid?

  1. Download App > Create Account using a valid email address > use referral code from the person who invited you or leave blank
  2. Click Verification link in your email > immediately get your i3Dr!
  3. Click EARN for Daily rewards by just checking in every 24 hours!
  4. Click GROW to invite your network and earn at higher rate – it has your own referral code (username)
  5. Click START SCORING to review and earn more
  6. Check Welcome email for other offers 
  7. Check in Daily – enable app notifications


Important: Check FAQs in-app!



  • Fast Intelligent Due Diligence to identify the best Start-ups
  • Network Sentiment Analysis on Companies and their Teams
  • Build Trusted Networks for Data Integrity
  • Forms part of i3D Protocol’s 3-score methodology using machine learning to create our Forecasting Algorithms


  • Immediately EARN on download
  • 24 hour Earning for checking in and maintaining your Trust Network
  • Score2Earn when scoring Start-ups
  • Whitelisted for listing and Upsilon Investment Fund
  • Note: All i3D$ earned is stored in a 3rd Party Ledger waiting for you to transfer to your own Wallet

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