Analysts (dd 08/06/2023)

1000 X i3D$ Token Sign Up Bonus limited to 1st 10,000 Users



Investors need data on early stage start-ups. Founders need independent analysis to validate their company


i3D Rapid and i3D Arena allows a large independent network to rapidly conduct deep dive due diligence on these companies.


  1. Download App > Create Account using a valid email address > use referral code from who invited you.
  2. Click Verification link > you immediately get your 1000 i3Dr!
  3. Click EARN for daily rewards by just checking in!
  4. Click GROW to invite your network and earn at higher rate – it has your own referral code (username)
  5. Click START SCORING to review and earn more
  6. Check Welcome email for other offers including free upskilling courses
  7. Check in Daily


  • Use a valid email address
  • Enable Notifications
  • Check FAQs in App for all the details 
When signing up please use the Referral Code of the person who asked you to join the network or i3DAngels

 *All Referral Tokens related to i3D Angels are credited back to the i3D Protocol Treasury Account


  • Fast Intelligent Due Diligence to identify the best Start-ups
  • Network Sentiment Analysis on Companies and their Teams
  • Build Trusted Networks for Data Integrity
  • Forms part of i3D Protocol’s 3-score methodology using machine learning to create our Forecasting Algorithms


  • Immediately EARN on download
  • 24 hour Earning for checking in and maintaining your Trust Network
  • EARN on scoring Start-ups
  • Whitelisted for listing and Upsilon Investment Fund
  • Note: All i3D$ earned is stored in a 3rd Party Ledger pending a drop to your Metamask Wallet


Networks of users can lead to powerful companies being built because they create what is known as a Network Effect, which is a phenomenon in which the value of a product or service increases as more people use it. In the case of our network of users, this means that the more people that are connected and providing value to the network, the more valuable the network becomes to each individual user. This creates a positive feedback loop in which the network becomes more and more valuable as it grows in size. This can lead to a virtuous cycle of growth for the company, as the network becomes increasingly powerful and difficult for competitors to replicate.

i3D Rapid is  used to determine if a start-up has a good Product Market Fit. The app allows for a large network to provide unbiased sentiment feedback on the Idea of the start-up. As a user, you will be paid in a utility token for providing your feedback. This valuable information is subscribed to by investors in early-stage start-ups.


Need Upskilling?

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 i3D Protocol

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