Innovation and Blockchain Driving External Revenues and Deflationary Tokenomics

 i3D Token Distribution

Treasury: 56% (issued to Pools as required)

Public: 19.5%  (via ICO and work completed in Rapid and Arena)

Team: 8% (vesting period: 10% plus 2% per month)

Contractors: 6% (as required)

Future Series Reserve: 2.5%

Founding Investors: 8% (vesting period: 10% Immediately plus 2% per month thereafter)

Our tokenomics model is designed to drive value for our community members, investors, and startup partners. With a fixed token supply of tokens, our ecosystem ensures scarcity and value appreciation over time. Through innovative mechanisms such as token burns, revenue allocations, and strategic partnerships, we are creating a dynamic ecosystem where every participant has the opportunity to thrive

 i3D Token Detail

Token Standard: Bep-20

Total Supply: 2.3 billion (fixed issuance)

Token contract address: 0x40D451De379b92CE43c65aFb827f8A9dEBca0062

Token decimal: 8

Network: BNB Smart Chain

 Token Earning and Incentives

Free Reward tokens are issued to new signups. The number of tokens issued will decrease using a reducing balance method until zero at time of listing

Users earn tokens by building networks. The rate of earning is a multiple of number of active signups X earning rate per hour

Users Earn by Scoring Startups. The rate of earning is currently set and will change over time to include factor equilibrium algorithm calculations and the user’s reputation over time in the network


The i3D Protocol employs a Strategic Token Management approach using generated revenues to foster a balanced ecosystem. External revenues are used to create both a deflationary token supply and a  buy back protocol, building a long term and sustainable community 

Revenue Sources

Startup Analysis by the i3D Network

Stake in the Game Buy In by new Analysts (after rewards expire)

Priority Scoring for Startups needing Growth Awareness Campaigns

Marketing Revenues for Startups needing Priority Scoring

Merchandise Revenues

Revenue Allocation

25% of revenues to Burn Treasury Tokens

45% of revenues used to Buy Tokens from the open market and return to the Community Pool

15% of Revenues used to fund Operations

15% to Seed the Investment Fund

Transaction Fees

Users pay a small fee to transfer tokens to their own wallet with a price incentive to encourage users to HODL tokens in-app and transfer in bulk

Fee: 0.000004167 BNB per token

Max fee per transaction: 0.003333333 BNB

Min fee per transaction: 0.000166667 BNB

Fees fund the marketing and business development of the i3D Protocol. Excess revenues are used to buy back tokens from the market

Example (net of gas fees)

BNB Ruling price at time of transfer: $597.00

Number tokens transferred: 2,500

Fee: 2,500 X 0.000004167 = 0.0104175 BNB or $6.22

Adjusted Max fee: 0.003333333 BNB = $1.99

Effective price per token $1.99/2,500 = $0.000796

Expected ICO price per token = $0.025

Setting up a Wallet

The i3D Rapid allows you to Connect any Wallet to the app to allow Transfers of Tokens. If you are connecting for the first time, the process is explained in-app. The two most compatible Wallets are MetaMask and Trust Wallet

Create a new Wallet with MetaMask

If you don’t have one go to MetaMask and follow the instructions on setting up a MetaMask Wallet ensuring you carefully save your unique  security phrase.

> Download the browser extension to your laptop.

> Add the BNB Smart Chain Network from the dropdown menu.

> Click ‘Import tokens’

> Import the i3D Token using the token details

 This is your BEP-20 or BSC Smart Chain Wallet Address *

*Always Copy & Paste your Wallet Address when purchasing a Product Or Service from the i3D Protocol.

Never share your Seed Phase or Password with anyone!