Advisory: Moonshot 2


i3D$ Tokens*


Moonshot 2 plus 5,000 i3D$ Tokens*


Get the most Success from your Start-up!

  • A one-one meeting with one of our team, before you create your project and upload it for Analysis.
  • Your project receives a Deep Dive analysis by 2X i3D Expert
  • Follow up meeting with our team to discuss the results
  • Upload 3X Projects
  • Featured Project in i3D Notifications
  • Automated Score of Company
  • Shared with thousands of i3D Rapid Analysts for fast sentiment analysis
  • Share to 10 of your own Trusted Network for a Deep Dive (60 factors)
  • Published on Global Dashboard for 30 days
  • Full access to your Start-up Scores & Three months access to other Start-ups


  • Create a Structured Pitch Deck giving investors the essential data they need!
  • Data Room for up to 6 documents

*On Payment Confirmation

  1. You will receive 2 X Downloadable Files with further instructions
  2. Then our Team will start working with you – via a Calendy invite.
  3. Your i3D$ Tokens will be transferred to your MetaMask Wallet Address entered in payment completion.