Current Stage 2022 

Mint i3D Angels NFTs & i3D Rapid v1 Release


Q1: Concept Ideation

Q2 & 3: Research

Q4: Company Registration & initial founders fundraise

2020 – White Paper and MVP

Q1 & 2: Research & Whitepaper Development

Q3: MVP Development

Q4: Family & Friends Fundraise


Q1: Fundraise and development

Q2: MVP Product used for analytics for over 500 companies

 Q3: Establish Blockchain Development Partnerships

 Q4: Complete MVP

2022 – Public Launch

Q1: Grant Funding secured

Q1. Build out i3D Rapid Release Candidate

Q2: Mint first i3D Angel NFTs & release i3D Rapid

 Q3: Public Sale of i3D Tokens

 Q4: Foundation establishment

2023 – Investment Launch

Q1: DPM Fund Establishment and test environment for investment thesis

Q3: Full Protocol Launch & Listings