Capital Preservation & Liquidity with 

0 – 100% fractional investment of APY

Principal sum is invested or loaned from VCs, PEs, Retail Investors and held in a Stablecoin for a guaranteed APY & Capital Preservation


Principal sum can be withdrawn at any time
  • APY generated can be fractionalized for investment
  • APY invested amount goes directly into buying tokens from start-ups identified in i3D Protocol & seeking capital
  • Identified projects typical offer 2-10X return for Seed Investment & immediate liquidity on listing on CEX or DEX
  • The purchased tokens are put in a Fund reserve contract
  • The principal receives the Upsilon Token, representing their pro rata investment in the Fund reserve, minus fee of X% which goes to the DAO


  •     Governors choose what funds are earmarked for which project identified by i3D Protocol which provides a private ranking of the current projects looking for investment
  •     Governors determine when tokens in the Fund Reserve are liquidated and paid out to Upsilon Token Holders 
  •     Governors receive dividends taken from Index token fee: X – Y%, where Y is determined by the governors