i3D Angel NFT

 Smart Contracts allow validated Access Control to the data marketplace. The i3D Angel NFT ensures that only network participants have access to secured network reports

01. User purchases NFT When purchasing, a unique Nevermined ID is created. NFT is listed on Opensea for potential resale

02. User logs in via NFT When user wishes to login to i3D Platform (data side), NFT points to Nevermined to confirm validity of the holders’ rights to data access

03. Reputation Management If user also conducts analysis, algorithms log score results by user against their NFT ID

04. NFT holder Reputation Increase or Decrease Expert NFT holder reputation is published in marketplace to allow for rarity establishment (in construction)


i3D Arena & Rapid App

i3D Arena is a platform that allows an Inner Swarm of the Network to conduct a deep dive into the potential of alpha start-ups. i3D Rapid is a mobile app that allows us to build a Trust Network and rapidly conduct due diligence.

 01. Project submitted for evaluation Interested parties submit a project for evaluation

02. Experts evaluate project Projects are distributed to experts based on their field and reputation within the network for analysis. Users lock i3D Tokens* to gain access to score projects.

03. Projects are scored Proprietary Consensus Algorithms score and rank projects based on multiple due diligence sections. Results are finalized once network consensus is reached, and report is stored via Nevermined & Filecoin for Data Provenance & Lineage

04. Experts are rewarded for their contribution Experts are paid in the native i3D Token.

*locked tokens are returned subject to validation after final scores



Upsilon Dry Powder Mining

Upsilon Dry Powder Mining is a yield generating fund that the i3D Protocol loans its proceeds to in order to generate passive yield and invest in alpha start-ups identified by the Swarms. It creates Capital Preservation and serves as a floor price for the i3D Token.


01. Investor’s loan Dry Powder to Protocol Acquire yield generating Stablecoins which can be withdrawn at any time

02. Validated Reports from i3D Experts used to review opportunities NFT holders with valid Nevermined ID call reports from Filecoin for review

03. DP Governance Token Holders Vote Based on staking rights, DP token holders approve projects for investment

04. Distribution Returns from investments are represented via the Upsilon Index Token

* i3D Protocol is an Investor in Upsilon which is also available to counterparties for added TVL



i3D Angel NFT

i3D Tokens

Upsilon DPM Fund