i3D Arena allows an Inner Swarm of the Network to conduct a deeper dive into the potential of a start-up



  • i3D Arena allows an analyst a guided method to conduct a deeper dive into a start-ups potential for success
  • When projects are uploaded a proprietary algorithm instantly assigns a Score
  • Inner Swarm Experts scores are weighted and added to the final score
  • Coming soon – an Inner Swarm expert will be able to move up rankings based on our Reputation Management System


  • Same system means Unified Scoring Methodology
  • Allows for unbiased and fear free scoring by expert
  • Start-up is anlysed in multiple areas and ranked against competition
  • Reports are encrypted and securely stored for investor data provenance
  • Experts can built reputations
  • Payment is high and via our i3D Token



Scores and Ranking of early stage start-ups scored by i3D Arena and i3D Rapid Experts

Upsilon Dry Powder Mining

Coming Soon!

Upsilon Dry Powder Mining is a yield generating fund that the i3D Protocol loans its proceeds to in order to generate passive yield and invest in alpha start-ups identified by the Swarms. It creates Capital Preservation and serves as a floor price for the i3D Token

 ties for added TVL

i3D Angel NFT

Smart Contracts allow validated Access Control to the data marketplace. The i3D Angel NFT ensures that only network participants have access to secured network reports.  For more information or to purchase your Access to Start-up Data click here