i3D Protocol ICO Powered with 18 Trigger Lotteries and Token Burns

Step into a World of Escalating Rewards

With a unique tiered reward system, your investment brings you much more than just token ownership. As the investment pool grows, each new million-dollar milestone triggers not just excitement but lucrative rewards and bonus i3D Tokens. From the first milestone to the tenth, the rewards intensify, with cash rewards and token bonuses increasing every Trigger Lottery!

ICO & Trigger Lottery (TL) Details

Total ICO i3D Tokens: 400 million
Token Price: 0.0000425 BNB ~ $0.025

Min Purchase: 50 Tokens Max 2,000,000 Tokens

Raise: $10 million

Cash Awards: $1.1 Million via TLs
Bonus i3D Tokens: 24 million via TLs

Powered by Blockchain, Crowd Intelligence, and AI reporting, our decentralized marketplace offers analysts and investors the chance to earn i3D Tokens and invest in top-ranked startups.

Launchpad Partner

CryptoDo’s emphasis on security, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness aligns perfectly with the i3D Protocol’s goals of revolutionizing early-stage investments through transparency, innovation, and collective intelligence.

18 Trigger Lotteries

10% Referral Commission

Immediate Token Burn

10 Levels of TL with up to 2 Draws per level = 18 Chances of Winning!

The Trigger Lotteries  are an innovative incentive mechanism embedded within the i3D Protocol ICO. This dynamic feature adds an exciting layer to investors’ participation, offering them the opportunity to receive cash rewards and bonus tokens every time the fundraising hits a $1 million milestone.

Structure of the Trigger Lottery (TL) Rewards

The Trigger Lottery (TL) Milestones are an incentivization mechanism designed by i3D Protocol to encourage investment into the platform during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) phase. These milestones are triggered every time a cumulative investment of $1 million is reached by the community.

The rewards system is structured in progressive tiers, increasing the benefits as more investment milestones are reached. Here’s how it works:

An investor start with purchasing their i3D Tokens with every token purchased counting as a ticket into the Trigger Lottery. The more i3D Tokens purchased, the more Tickets in the TL.

Trigger Lottery Levels

One i3D Token = One Lottery Ticket

TL 1-5: At each of the $1 million milestones, 20% of investors randomly share in 5% cash rewards or a 5% bonus in i3D tokens based on their token amount.

TL 6-7: At the sixth and seventh million-dollar milestones, the shared rewards double to 10% in cash or bonus i3D tokens for 20% of all investors selected randomly

TL 8: At the eighth milestone, the shared rewards increase to 15% in cash or 15% in bonus i3D tokens for 20% of randomly selected investors

Special Lucky Draw at TL9 and TL10!

Lucky Draw for TL9 and TL10: When the investment reaches $9 million and $10 million, 2 special lucky draws are held where 10 lucky winners each receive $50,000. Everyone who purchased i3D Tokens during any phase has the chance to win!

Use of Funds

Marketing: Full development of Marketing & Sales to onboard thousands of Startups for analysis by the i3D Network and develop the Sales Funnel to paying networks of investors

Team: Expansion of Team to deploy a full onchain stack of products including Staking and Reputation Management Protocols

Development: Proprietary LLM and AI model for instant Scoring and Ranking, Factor Equilibrium Algorithms for efficiency in scoring and payouts, Reputation Management System for Fair Token Allocation

Buy Back and Burn: Implementation of first phase Burn Protocol to reduce Token Supply

Eligibility and Participation

  • Continuous Eligibility: Investors are eligible for the lottery rewards from the Trigger Lottery they first participate in up until the end of TL10. This system rewards early participants by offering them multiple chances to win as more milestones are reached.
  • Random Draws: The winners of each lottery are selected randomly, with 20% of the investors participating in each milestone level sharing the rewards. This means that as each TL is reached, a new draw is conducted, giving investors repeated opportunities to win.
  • All Tokens purchased using user Referral Links credit the Referrer with a 10% Commission

Buy i3D Tokens with Immediate Entry to Trigger Lotteries

All Tokens purchased from the Launchpad Link in this landing page are to be immediately Burned

Vesting Calendar and Locked Liquidity

Vesting for Community

i3D Tokens earned in i3D Rapid vest immediately on transfer

ICO Tokens

  • 90 Day Linear release
  • 5 Day Cliff Period

Founding Investors and Team

Vesting time span approx. 5 years

  • 10% immediately to recognize the financial and time resources committed by the early investors and team members
  • 2% per month thereafter recognizes the believe in the longevity the i3D Protocol has to offer to to the Startup Ecosystem

Strategic Impact and Token Burning

This structured reward system and vesting schedule is designed to:

  • Tokens purchased with this link immediately Burned to Reduce Supply
  • Locked Liquidity creates ‘skin-in-the-game’ for full protocol development and support from investors and team 
  • Encourage Early Participation: By increasing the rewards with later milestones and maintaining eligibility from the point of first investment, the system incentivizes early and continued investment.
  • Maintain Investment Momentum: The prospect of escalating rewards and multiple chances to win can drive sustained investor interest and participation throughout the ICO.
  • Distribute Rewards Fairly: The random element of the draws ensures that all eligible participants have a fair chance of winning, promoting a sense of equity and excitement among investors.
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